The VisionDAW 4U 8-Core Xeon Server-Class Workstation
The most powerful and expandable music and media production workstation available. Eight Server-Class Intel Xeon processing cores, up to 128GB of system memory, and a true 64-bit OS make these systems a perfect hardware configuration for Cubase, Nuendo, and Sonar as well as any other true 64-bit professional audio applications.
Product Technical Specifications
TWO Intel® QUAD-Core Xeon® 5400 Series Processors
Support for up to 128GB of FBDIMM System Memory
Certified Fully Buffered Memory Modules
64-Bit Ready
4U Aluminum Rackmount Chassis (21" deep)
Intel® 5400 Chipset Based Motherboard
Front USB Access
Two PCI Express x16 Slot (x16)
One PCI Express x8 Slot (x4)
One PCI 32-bit Slot
Two PCI-X 64-bit 133/100MHz
Western Digital System Drive
Western Digital SATA II RAID Edition Drives
Intel® ESB2 SATAII RAID Controller - Six Ports
16x DVD-ROM Optical Drive
Dual Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Ports
NVIDIA, PCI Express, Dual DVI Video Card
Integrated FireWire 1394a
One Serial Port
Two USB 2.0 Ports
WindowsXP PRO OS - Tweaked and Optimized
Custom Configurable For Your Application

Product Information

Workstation Overview
Intense Power :: The VisionDAW 4U 8-Core Xeon Server-Class Workstation has been re-engineered and configured with the next generation Intel Server-Class Xeon processors and the ability to accept up to 64GB of Fully Buffered memory. The all new VisionDAW Server-Class Workstation is built to provide the most computational power and memory loading ability available in a 4U workstation. This workstation is ideally suited to power the most demanding music and media production applications such as Cubase, Nuendo and Sonar. Based on the Intel® 5400 Workstation chipset and TWO Intel® QUAD-Core Xeon® 5400 Series processors, this workstation delivers the ultimate performance and stability for those professionals seeking the most raw computing power available.

Technical Information
The VisionDAW 4U Xeon Workstation delivers industry-leading performance by implementing all of the latest technologies Intel® has to offer :: TWO QUAD-Core Xeon® 5400 Series processors which provides EIGHT execution cores :: All new Intel® Core Microarchitecture :: The Most efficient pipeline and memory architecture designed for greater processor throughput :: Intel® I/O Acceleration Technology that improves data throughput :: Proven 64-bit computing :: 12MB of increased efficiency L2 cache-to-processor data transfers :: 1333MHz system bus for increased throughput. And of course, the VisionDAW commitment to excellence through rigorous hardware testing and evaluation and our uncanny attention to detail.