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Based in Southern California, VisionDAW offers high performance, high availability computer systems. The Vision began in 1994 when digital video editing was in its infancy and was pushing the limits of disk subsystems and the processing power of the first generation Intel Pentium Processor - we still have our Intel Pentium PRO Processor NLE Video Editing System in our office. The founders of VisionDAW were involved in creating, building, testing, and pushing the evolution of digital video editing on computers. Being one of the first companies to edit and deliver digitally created music videos, commercials, and movie trailers, we continue the tradition of high-performance systems tailored to meet each individual's needs. As a high-end computer builder, VisionDAW strives to set the standard for computer solutions that are:

  • Custom engineered to power your demanding professional audio applications
  • Systems designed and engineered for the professional studio environment
  • Turnkey professional audio workstations - preloaded and thoroughly tested systems
  • Assembled with the highest standards and care
  • Rock solid operation and reliability day in and day out
  • Continued research and development in tomorrow's innovations and technologies
VisionDAW :: perfecting the art of performance

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